Poorly Informed Donors Jeopardize State of Israel

Poorly informed donors with the best of intentions toward the Jewish state of Israel may, in reality, be contributing to the destruction of the Jewish nation. Established in 1948 under the leadership of the U.N., Israel was designed to be a homeland for Jews, particularly European Jews, who suffered tremendously during the reign of the Nazis. For more than 60 years, Israel and its supporters have been struggling to protect the Jewish state from destruction by Palestinians displaced by the arrangement, and Arabic nations in the region who want the area returned to the traditional Arabic Palestine. This expensive struggle has resulted in establishment of a number of groups purporting to support Israel financially.

In reality, a number of the groups supported by Americans are actually anti-Israel organizations. Their goal is to destroy the current Israeli nation. One of the largest of the organizations is the New Israel Fund (NIF). The leftist NIF’s mission statement states its purpose is to fund community and national groups for civil human rights, promote religious tolerance, pluralism, and ending economic and social inequality. It receives more than $30 million annually from American Jews that is used to fund groups that attack Zionism and who want to transform Israel into a progressive, pluralistic society.

Barbara and Eric Dobkin of the Dobkin Family Foundation support the NIF largely through their foundation. Eric Dobkin, best known in the investment world as originating the concept of initial public offering (IPO) a way to establish a market price for a stock at the time it goes public. Dobkin leaves most of the running of the Foundation to Barbara, a holder of an MA in Social Work from Boston University. She is a well-known Jewish feminist and philanthropist, dedicated to supporting social change. Barbara Dobkin is a board member and an important supporter of NIF. She supports a boycott of Israel, and the return of several million Palestinians to Israel under the concept of the “Right of Return.”

Israel Helva Radovanitz, NIF director, has stated that Israel will be Arabic in only 100 years and the Jews will be the minority. She says that will not be a tragedy but will make the country more democratic since Zionism is anti-democratic. In conjunction with some European groups, NIF gives financial support to attempts to legitimize the war on Israel. Recently, some Jewish groups such as Birthright Israel have severed ties with NIF because of its anti-Israel activities.


Dobkin Foundation Sends Hundreds of Thousands to Support the Downfall of Israel

American Jews have hit an all time low as many are funding Israel’s demise. The New York based non-profit, The New Israel Fund claims to raise money to support projects in Israel, yet these projects are actually undermining Israel’s government, economy and military. Knowing how NIF seeks to undermine Israel, it is shameful that Barbara and Eric Dobkin, also major supporters and board members at the SAR school in Riverdale, continue sending money to such a hateful group. The Eric & Barbara Dobkin Foundation is a 6-figure donor to the New Israel Fund and Barbara Dobkin became a board member of the NIF when inspired by its vision of inclusive civil society in Israel. Conversely, the NIF’s vision is to effectively exclude Jews from civil society and ultimately destroy its government while simultaneously blacklisting their military.
The New Israel Fund gives millions of dollars to many organizations that explicitly boycott Israel. The NIF funds organizations like the Human Rights Defenders Fund, whose executive director has blatantly called Israel “racist” and murderous”. NIF aims to misinform donors with the façade of a Jewish identity in order to provide a greater degree of credibility to their anti-Israel agenda. Each NIF-funded organization has done its part to damage Israel’s morals, promote antisemitism and provoke anti-Israel ideologies with the ultimate goal to induce Israel’s downfall.