Dobkin Foundation Sends Hundreds of Thousands to Support the Downfall of Israel

American Jews have hit an all time low as many are funding Israel’s demise. The New York based non-profit, The New Israel Fund claims to raise money to support projects in Israel, yet these projects are actually undermining Israel’s government, economy and military. Knowing how NIF seeks to undermine Israel, it is shameful that Barbara and Eric Dobkin, also major supporters and board members at the SAR school in Riverdale, continue sending money to such a hateful group. The Eric & Barbara Dobkin Foundation is a 6-figure donor to the New Israel Fund and Barbara Dobkin became a board member of the NIF when inspired by its vision of inclusive civil society in Israel. Conversely, the NIF’s vision is to effectively exclude Jews from civil society and ultimately destroy its government while simultaneously blacklisting their military.
The New Israel Fund gives millions of dollars to many organizations that explicitly boycott Israel. The NIF funds organizations like the Human Rights Defenders Fund, whose executive director has blatantly called Israel “racist” and murderous”. NIF aims to misinform donors with the façade of a Jewish identity in order to provide a greater degree of credibility to their anti-Israel agenda. Each NIF-funded organization has done its part to damage Israel’s morals, promote antisemitism and provoke anti-Israel ideologies with the ultimate goal to induce Israel’s downfall.


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